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What sets us apart?

CTS understands what may look simple on paper is rarely ever the case in the field.  In fact, whether a project build is simple or complex, we know a successful project requires precision, expertise, and an experienced crew.  We specialize in providing the highest quality installation services for a variety of applications.  These applications range from small equipment such as presses and die cutters, to heavy machinery, batch plants and cement terminals. 

We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and compliance, following the highest safety regulations. We work closely with you to provide installation solutions that meet your unique needs. When you choose a CTS company to complete your project, you can trust that you are working with a team of certified experts who are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Our team of highly trained technicians is dedicated to completing your project on-time, on-budget, and to your exact specifications. 

storage tank jacking system
Silo & Tank Jacking System

As part of our commitment to safety, CTS strives to utilize the safest installation methodologies for our bolted storage applications.  Typical builds are completed via our tested and certified hydraulic jacks.

Typical jack build methodology consists of a top-down build, meaning once the jacking system is properly set up, our crews commence installation with the following sequence:

  1. Starter ring

  2. Top ring

  3. Deck structure and deck

  4. Second ring, etc.

The jack build methodology allows our crews to remain at grade for most of the build, minimizing the need to work at heights, and often eliminates the use of any large cranes.  Looking for more benefits of this type of build?  We also add auxiliary equipment, ladders, and other ancillary components as we go up with the vessel.   

dry bulk systems

Experience & Expertise

The CTS companies employ a team of highly trained and certified technicians who have the skills and experience to handle a variety of installation projects. We ensure our staff is trained to the most recent safety regulations, are provided the best equipment for project execution, and are following the most advanced build plan methodology available in today’s market. The CTS Group has extensive experience working within a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, automotive, water and waste wastewater, dry bulk storage, and more. Our clients range from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. Each installation has a dedicated project management team that oversees all aspects of your project from cradle to grave. When you choose the CTS Group of Companies you can trust that you're working with a team of experts that will deliver outstanding results, not excuses.

Men installing tank plate
Need some help with your next project?

If you are looking for installation assistance on any of your industrial projects, the CTS companies have the the combined expertise to complete any installation you may need.

If you would like to learn more about our installation services,


Working In Quebec?

CTS Canada still operates as Canada Tank Solutions Inc an RBQ-licensed Contractor!


If you have a project in Quebec get in touch today to learn how we can help you with your dry bulk and liquid storage needs.

Type of Installations

Storage Solutions

We specialize in providing dry bulk and liquid storage solutions for a wide range of industries. Our storage solutions include the installation of storage tanks, silos, and their components, as well as aluminum geodesic domes and flat covers.

bolted storage tank installation

Dry Bulk Systems & Components

From pneumatic conveying to weigh scales and load cells, CTS has extensive knowledge and expertise installing various dry bulk material handling systems and components. 

dry bulk mixing facility

Conveyor Systems

Our technicians can install customized conveyor systems that meet your specific needs, from moving paper scraps to heavy aggregate, we can install any conveyor system you utilize to move your materials.

rolling conveyors

Equipment & Machinery

From assembly lines to industrial presses, heavy machinery is an essential component of many types of  facilities. Our team has the expertise to install heavy machinery with precision, ensuring that it operates safely and efficiently.

industrial machine sections

Fabric Membrane Covers

CTS is a certified installer in North America for Ecomembrane, the founding fathers of modern-day membrane gasholders.  Typical installations include gasholders, gasholder domes and PVC-coated fabric membrane covers.

Ecomemebrane cover

Some of our past installs

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