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hybrid stainless steel bolted tanks
shop welded tank on a structure
Field welded chemical storage tanks

Storage Tanks & Silos

CTS CANADA and CTS USA are leading suppliers and installers of storage tanks and silos across North America

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Need a custom storage solution for your dry bulk material or liquids?

CTS Canada/USA offers storage tanks and silos of bolted, field weld, and shop weld construction for both liquid and dry applications.  With years of staff experience in both the manufacturing and construction of global storage projects, CTS is uniquely positioned to be an unbiased resource for your project.  The CTS team can tailor the correct solution and offer guidance to specifying proper materials of construction (MOC), hopper geometries, and provide means of guaranteed hopper discharge, all while taking into consideration the safe and successful erection of your new storage vessel. 

CTS can assist with hopper designs and custom hopper slopes to guarantee functional mass flow, with hopper capacities ranging from 1,000- 250,000 cubic feet. We can provide flat bottom storage of up to 2,000,000 cubic ft of dry material storage or applications of up to 25 million gallons for bulk liquid storage. We routinely encounter and execute projects that must take into consideration NFPA 22, NFPA 68, AWWA, API 650, Eurocode, API 12B, and more.

Storage solutions we provide


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Storage Applications




Light aggregates




Food Ingredients




Fly Ash


Dry Chemical

Plastic Pellet

Potable Water

Waste Water

Fire Suppression

Liquid Chemicals


Paint & Coatings

Liquid Resin

Anaerobic Digestion

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