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Tank Insulations

CTS CANADA and CTS USA are leading suppliers and installers of storage tank insulation across North America

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Why you should choose CTS to insulate your storage tanks

CTS can supply and install storage tank insulation on a variety of different tanks, both new and existing.  Our tank insulation systems provide superior insulation performance from –40°F to a blistering 1,200°F. Our panels lock securely, are watertight, and are resistant to heavy-duty wind and weather conditions. They are built to expand and contract with a wide range of service and temperature applications. Our insulation will help keep your product and material stored at the right temperature while meeting energy-saving goals. For future tank inspections, we can install individual removable sheets to avoid holes and cutting in the insulation.

Be sure to contact CTS for your next tank insulation project to see how we can help.

With a variety of insulation materials, We'll get you the right R-Value at a great value.



R Value


2.0 lbs per ft (32 kg/m)


Fiber Glass

3.0 lbs per ft (48 kg/m)

4.1 - 4.3

Mineral Wool

8.0 lbs per ft (128 kg/m)

4.1 - 4.3

Calcium Silicate

14.5 lbs per ft (232 kg/m)


Foam Glass

7.5 lbs per ft (120 kg/m)


Storage Tank Insulation

  • Panel system

  • Side wall and roof application

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel

  • Various insulation materials

  • Long product life + low maintenance

  • Optimum cost efficiency

  • Secure installation and watertight design

  • Precision fit up + quick installation

  • Various insulation materials

  • Various custom color options

insulation installation
blue vertical panel insulation

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