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CTS Careers

spiral stairs, piping and nozzles on tank wall

As a growing organization, we offer exciting career opportunities across various fields, from engineering and project management to sales, operations, and beyond. Whether you are an experienced industry expert or a recent graduate eager to make a difference, we have a place for you in our team.

We provide our employees with the resources, training, and support they need to thrive in their roles. Your growth and development are essential to us, and we continuously invest in building a talented and motivated workforce. Explore our current hiring opportunities below and embark on a rewarding journey with us. 

Working for Us

No position currently available.

spiral stairs, piping and nozzles on tank wall

If there no position available or you do not believe you are a fit for the above mentioned opportunities but believe you have something valuable to offer feel free to send us your cover letter and resume to and tell us what type of work you might be looking for, if you are a suitable candidate we will contact you.

If you have any other questions about employment at any of the CTS companies feel free to get in touch.

Current positions

Tank Installer - CTS Canada/ Canada Tank Solutions Inc.

We are looking for a proactive and detail-oriented individual with a strong commitment to safety and quality. The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of construction techniques, the ability to work with hand and power tools, and a willingness to learn. They should be comfortable working at heights and possess the physical capability to lift materials. Additionally, candidates should be team players, able to follow instructions and work collaboratively to ensure project success. A high school diploma, a valid driver's license, and relevant safety certifications are essential.

Type of Employment: Full Time/Contract

Location: British Columbia

Salary: 20$ - 32$ per hour

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