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Expansion Joints

CTS GLOBAL SYSTEMS are leading suppliers and installers of expansion joints across North America

ducts and piping
Looking for expansion joint replacements?

If you are conveying a fluid that is above or below ambient temperature, chances are you are going to need an expansion joint, suitable for the application, in pipes/ducts etc. to allow for expansion and contraction. At CTS Global Systems, our engineers and technologists understand your application and will help you select the right expansion joint. We are a leading supplier and certified installer of expansion joints across North America.

CTS Global Systems offers a wide variety of expansion joints, including rubber, metal, PTFE, and fabric. We only source the highest quality equipment that uses the latest technologies for a variety of applications and environments. The expansion joints we supply and install meet all current guidelines and the highest standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association and the Fluid Sealing Association.
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fabric expansion joints

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Expansion Joints we supply
Rubber Expansion Joints
Rubber Expansion Joints

Lightweight, durable, and can flex almost indefinitely without damage. The perfect solution for handling high-pressure loads, minimizing noise and vibration, and compensating for misalignments. Rubber expansion joints extend the life of piping systems and connected equipment.

Metal Bellow Expansion Joints
Metal Bellow Expansion Joints

Made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant metal. Designed to provide long-lasting support in piping applications. Tolerating a wide range of temperatures and pressures, metal expansion joints are ideal for conveying liquids, solids, and abrasive materials in harsh environments.

PTFE/Teflon lined expansion joints
PTFE/Teflon Lined Expansion Joints

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is known for its non-stick properties and resistance to various chemicals. Featuring a versatile and space-saving design, Teflon/PTFE-lined expansion joints are ideal for a range of corrosive, high-temperature, and high-pressure applications.

Fabric Expansion Joints
Fabric Expansion Joints

A non-metallic solution for relieving stress in piping and ducting systems. Featuring multi-plane movement capabilities and efficient vibration absorption, fabric expansion joints are an excellent choice for a range of ambient, hot air, and flue gas.

FEP Fluoroplastic Expansion Joints
FEP Fluoroplastic Expansion Joints

A great choice for operations involving highly aggressive or corrosive media, FEP fluoroplastic expansion joints offer dual containment and zero leakage.

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