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steel cables and hoisting equipmet

Hoisting & Rigging

chains for hoisting and rigging
Got a big move coming up?

We are committed to delivering top-quality hoisting and rigging services that prioritize safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Trust us to handle your lifting and moving needs with the utmost professionalism and expertise. From equipment moves to entire plant relocations, contact us today to discuss your hoisting and rigging needs, and, let us help you get your business where it needs to be.

structural steel lift and install

Let Progressive Millwrights do the heavy lifting

We offer comprehensive hoisting and rigging services to meet your lifting and moving needs. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and precision, our experienced team of professionals is equipped to handle a wide range of hoisting and rigging projects.

We can help lift and move large equipment and machinery at your facilities or help you relocate your facilities with our experienced team of riggers and machinery movers. We can help move large industrial equipment such as printers and presses to erecting large shop welded storage silos.

What our services include

over head chain hoist

Equipment Selection and Planning

We understand that every hoisting and rigging project is unique. Our experts work closely with you to assess your requirements and develop a customized plan that includes the selection of appropriate equipment, such as cranes, hoists, slings, and rigging accessories.

heavy duty fork lift

Lifting and Moving

Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we execute precise and controlled lifting and moving operations. Whether it's heavy machinery, equipment, or structural components, our skilled operators and riggers ensure that the load is safely lifted, transported, and positioned according to your specifications.

site evaluation prior to commencing work

Site Evaluation and Safety Measures

Prior to commencing any hoisting and rigging project, our team conducts thorough site evaluations to identify potential hazards and develop a comprehensive safety plan. We strictly adhere to industry standards and regulations to maintain a safe working environment throughout the project duration.

team huddle

Expert Personnel

Our hoisting and rigging team consists of highly trained and certified professionals who possess extensive experience in the field. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle complex rigging scenarios and overcome challenges with precision and efficiency

planning and managing a lift

Project Management & Support

From start to finish, we provide dedicated project management and support to ensure the successful completion of your hoisting and rigging project. Our team closely monitors the progress, addresses any issues that may arise, and maintains clear communication with you to ensure that your project stays on track

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