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CTS Global Systems

Operational Reliability Through Integrated Solutions

About Us

Who is CTS Global Systems?

We service and maintain your dry bulk chemical storage and mixing systems, so you can stay focused on your production goals. Our mission is to provide turn-key solutions in a customer focused manner. With fast response and decades of hands-on experience we take your Dry Chemical System issues off your hands, so you never have to deal with an unexpected breakdown. See some more information regarding our services below, or feel free to reach out to our sales team.

Our Expertise

​At CTS Global Systems, we make your problem, our problem. With decades of combined expertise and hands-on experience with these systems, we will not only address any issues that might be causing the underperformance of your system but also identify and eradicate concerns that have the potential to become an issue in the future.

Chemical handling we are experts in
  • Powdered Quick Lime

  • Pebble Quick Lime

  • Hydrated Quick Lime

  • Lime Fines

  • Cement

  • Polymers

  • Powdered Activated Carbon

  • Magnesium Oxide

  • Recycled Fly Ash

  • Soda Ash

  • Flour

dry bulk facility
dry bulk equipment

Our Services

Dry Bulk Chemical storage and handling systems are auxiliary systems that, if not maintained properly, can bring down the entire plant operation with an unexpected breakdown. Due to their inherent nature, they are difficult to maintain and can become a major drag on the maintenance staff’s workload which needs to remain focused on production.

Whether your Dry Bulk Chemical System is experiencing issues with getting the product out of the storage, improper feed rate control, poor mixing or insufficient flow of slurry, when you work with CTS Global Systems, you could be sure that you are working with a team of engineers that not only understands the equipment but also has thorough knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the product being used.  

If you need more information, or you would like to request pricing for any of the above-mentioned services, contact us today!

Dry Bulk Systems

We provide a comprehensive solution that includes designing, engineering, procuring, installing, and commissioning of all components required for a complete dry bulk handling system.

Maintenance & Repairs

We offer maintenance and repair services for integrated dry bulk systems. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive services that include preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and equipment upgrades.

Replacement Parts

We also offers replacement parts for integrated dry bulk systems. We work closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and provide them with the right parts at a competitive price.

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