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CTS provides outstanding Engineering and Desiner Services 

We provide free consulting services over the phone or by email exchange. We will help guide you in developing the appropriate bid specifications in storing a particular product. We provide tank bid specifications that can be easily downloaded for your convenience. We are the experienced professionals in dry bulk systems and we back that experience with direct answers to your questions right over the phone.

We offer engineering services for various needs. We specialize in storage and dry bulk systems but have capabilities to offer much more. From hoppers to handling equipment we will make sure your needs are met. We will help determine the best solution for your situation by analyzing your facilities to ensure smooth integration to material and product testing to ensure the equipment we specify can handle your product and get the jo

Engineering we provide

Tank Design

We provide engineering services for f your dry bulk storage or liquid storage tanks. We can make sure you are suited with the right design and capacity for your needs.

Dry Bulk Systesms

We provide complete

dry bulk handling systems engineering. We will help design a new system for you or help integrate new technologies into an existing system


We provide structural engineering and design for supports, stands, mezzanines, buildings and enclosures. 


We can also provide engineering and design services for miscellaneous items suchs as guards, rails, platforms and more.

  • Tank design recommendations and specifications

  • Auxiliary equipment specification development

  • Recommendations on existing fill, discharge and process system designs

  • Material flow problems and material flow testing — conducted through a Tank Connection affiliate

  • Dust collection

  • Discharge feeder selection

  • Inventory management systems and weighing

  • Specification development for specific flow types including funnel flow, mass flow, functional mass flow and expanded flow approaches

  • We will advise and specify recommendations on active & passive flow control devices

What can we do for you?

For a free consultation contact us today!

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